All MERIS full resolution (300meter) data now available on NASA

New Announcement from NASA Ocean Color Group

“We are happy to announce that as part of the nasa-esa data sharing collaboration, we have now completed the ingest and preliminary processing of the complete mission long meris full-resolution (frs, 300 meter) data set which covers the period of envisat operations from april 2002 – april 2012.  this data set along with the corresponding level-2 products that have been produced using the standard nasa processing methodologies along with the already available reduced resolution (rr) data set is available via the multi-mission browse/order/distribution web browser at:
it should be noted that the level-1b full-resolution data that esa provided was produced using an earlier version of the calibration than was used for the full resolution data set.  we are working on a method of updating the calibration as part of our anticipated reprocessing of all the data sets that we support early next year.

attached is a coverage map showing the annual distribution of the meris full resolution data that are now available.

with our very best regards,
the ocean color group”