Global Primary Productivity Data
Global Primary Productivity Data

Ocean colour remote sensing is very useful tools for both research and operational forecasting in the ocean management. Some of the promising application are listed as follow:

  • Marine and Fishery Management: Managing the marine and fishery resource using modelling
  • Fishing Zone Forecasting System: Detecting of chlorophyll-a front; identification of potential fishing zone
  • Harmful Algal Bloom Forecasting System: The NOAA Harmful Algal Bloom Forecasting System utilizes ocean colour data in conjunction with meteorological data and field sampling to forecast the development and movement of harmful algal blooms (commonly referred to as “red tides”) in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Monitoring Coastal Pollution: Linking agricultural practices to phytoplankton blooms; Ocean colour data indicate that when Mexican farmers add fertilizer to the fields, the fertilizer flows to the ocean and triggers phytoplankton growth in the Gulf of California.
  • Monitoring of Ocean Phenomena: monitoring eddies, current, Kelvin wave
  • Assessing the Atmospheric-Ocean Dynamics: monitoring the El-Nino, La-Nina development
  • Quantifying Ocean Carbon Flux

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Potential Application of Ocean Color Remote Sensing in Malaysia

This is a Oral Presentation presented in the MASDEC Workshop at Putrajaya, Malaysia on 14-16 January 2003. Please click on the following link to view the PDF file.



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