SeaWiFS Biosphere Animations
SeaWiFS Biosphere Animations

Scientific Research of Ocean Color Remote Sensing in the Southeast Asia Region

The scientific study of ocean color remote sensing in Malaysia and Southeast Asia region has been started since decades ago, however, due to the limited attention as well as limited resources, it is consider in the early stage of research and development, where still no operational application is ready in place. With very limited resources, the local researchers have been working together with the foreign expertise to make the progress in applying the ocean color remote sensing for the benefit of human being.

In this research page, the development team has prepared a list of research papers presented or published in the scientific journal, which focus on the ocean remote sensing studies in Malaysia, as well as the Southeast Asia and Asian region. We hope that by preparing these resources will assist other researcher to find the research reference with ease and further promote more young scientist to explore this unique field of study.

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