All MERIS full resolution (300meter) data now available on NASA

New Announcement from NASA Ocean Color Group

“We are happy to announce that as part of the nasa-esa data sharing collaboration, we have now completed the ingest and preliminary processing of the complete mission long meris full-resolution (frs, 300 meter) data set which covers the period of envisat operations from april 2002 – april 2012.  this data set along with the corresponding level-2 products that have been produced using the standard nasa processing methodologies along with the already available reduced resolution (rr) data set is available via the multi-mission browse/order/distribution web browser at:
it should be noted that the level-1b full-resolution data that esa provided was produced using an earlier version of the calibration than was used for the full resolution data set.  we are working on a method of updating the calibration as part of our anticipated reprocessing of all the data sets that we support early next year.

attached is a coverage map showing the annual distribution of the meris full resolution data that are now available.

with our very best regards,
the ocean color group”

NASA Resumption of Ocean Color Services

Message from NASA Ocean Color Remote Sensing Services

“we are happy to announce that we have resumed full web/data/distribution/access services on the ocean color web and all data orders/subscriptions that had been suspended due to the government shutdown are now in the processing queue and should start to be available for download via the usual methods shortly.
it’s nice to be back.
best regards,
gene and the entire ocean color group”

The Coastal Ocean from a Hyperspectral Perspective

Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new feature on the Ocean Color Web homepage ( ) that Norman Kuring has just put together using some of the HICO data that in collaboration with our colleagues at the Naval Research Laboratory and Oregon State University, we are now making available to the broader ocean color community.  It is a wonderfully clear and creative depiction of the kind of information that is contained within the hyperspectral data from HICO.  You can access the feature directly at:

Modis Aqua Reprocessing

MODIS Ocean Color Data Users:

Within the next few days the OBPG plans to initiate a partial reprocessing of MODIS-Aqua ocean color products spanning approximately the last year of the mission (August 2012 to present).  As indicated in a previous message (sent 2 August 2013), this reprocessing is just an update to the instrument calibration to reduce some mirror-side striping artifacts.  The impact to the global mean time-series is small.  For details, see:

We expect the reprocessing to be completed within a few days of initiation. If you have any questions or wish to track the status of the reprocessing, please refer to the topic on the ocean color forum.