NASA Resumption of Ocean Color Services

Message from NASA Ocean Color Remote Sensing Services

“we are happy to announce that we have resumed full web/data/distribution/access services on the ocean color web and all data orders/subscriptions that had been suspended due to the government shutdown are now in the processing queue and should start to be available for download via the usual methods shortly.
it’s nice to be back.
best regards,
gene and the entire ocean color group”

Malaysia Ocean Color Portal

In 2006, marufish setup a Ocean Color Website for the scientific community in Malaysia to let them know more about ocean color remote sensing. The website was posted at Geocities, and it was down together with Geocities when Yahoo shut down their Geocities services.

In 2013, by foreseeing the increasing of harmful algae bloom in the region that is getting serious with more casualties occurrence, Marufish decided to rebuild the information portal to create the public awareness on the ocean color technology and its potential to create early warning.